I really like the effectiveness of the water pik, and that it doesn't make my gums sore like floss. However, I think the way they do business is unethical.

The ends of the tips break off just from normal use right at the bend. The tips are NOT stocked in the stores that sell the Water Pik itself - you have to order them on line. Two tips which won't last two months, and can't cost ten cents to have made, are in a package of two for 10 to 15 dollars, plus shipping. What a *** way to do business!

As much as we liked how well it worked, we threw ours out. If they supported their product better, they would sell more units, and therefore many more tips. But, it appears they are satisfied to have one time customers.

We won't buy another one, and I personally know no one that has a Water Pik. Perfect example of shooting oneself in the foot!

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