I am on my fourth cordless water flosser. Why would I buy 4?

Because I have braces, and I want to be able to blast the food particles out of my braces whenever I eat. The flosser comes with a 1 year warranty. The initial unit died, and Waterpik sent a new battery pack. That one died, however, it was past the warranty period, so I purchased another flosser, that died in under 4 mos.

(8 weeks?). I called Cust. Service in Colorado and was left on hold for an hour. The initial cust.

serv. rep. asked me to pay the postage on my waterpik to mail it back and they would then issue a refund. I called again, and then they said they would send me a return label.

And I will receive a refund. I didn't think that Waterpik was very apologetic about my being left on hold for an hour.

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