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I purchased a waterpik flosser in the Lehighton, PA Walmart in October 2013. By the end of November, it stopped functioning.

I had faithfully recharged the battery exactly as described in the Waterpik brochure. // The reasons I had purchased the appliance in the states was (1)that my dentist said I needed it it, and (2) I hadn't been able to find waterpiks in Quebec, Canada where I live.

Upon my return home, I tried 3 more times to charge the waterpik--each time for 5 hrs--but it still didn't work. In the meantime, because my dentist again said to use one, I found a brand new Target up here & bought another.// I kept the Walmart receipt and original Waterpik. When I phoned Waterpik today to ask them how to return it to Walmart for a credit, the Texas rep.

said bluntly, "We don't do that." She told me they could replace the old Waterpik and mail it to me. I told her this was unacceptable--that I halready had a working replacement, and that I just wanted a credit when I returned to Walmart. She laughed at this & told me Walmart would not allow me to return it because more than 30 days had passed.// Again, I explained that I already had bought another of her Waterpik, so I didn't NEED them to replace the original which had broken: in fact, at this point, I had decided to find a cheaper "waterpik-type flosser," and not ever buy another from her company. I politely asked twice more if I could instead have some kind of credit.

The service rep only stated, over and over, "we don't do that." When I asked why, she told me, through gritted teeth, "we don't do that." I thanked her for her time & told her I would keep an eye oout for the new waterpik they were mailing me. I asked her if there would be some sort of customer satisfaction catd in the shipment box, and again, she said, "we don't do that." // The reason I am so frustrated by this is that (1) I should have been able to take this back to Walmart at any time within the one-year guarantee period just like any other product I purchased there. (2)I had shown loyalty to the Waterpik company by buying a brand new Waterpik when THEIR product went kaput after only a month. (3) Customers should not have to spend half-an-hour on the phone to correct a problem which was originally caused by poor manufacturing on the part of Waterpik.

This was not my fault; their flosser broke. (4) For Waterpik to send me yet another flosser even when I insisted I did NOT it is wrong. For a company merely to state over and over again, "we can't do that," is illogical--of course they can--if there policy makes no sense there are always human beings (employees) who CAN be more flexible than there policy. (5) Waterpik offers no way for me to complain about this.

The woman who "helped" me, told me that I could complain on the site, that it wouldn't change anything "because "most customers have no reason to complain--they are happy--unlike me.// I feel that the Waterpik company is a giant monopoly because they have cornered the market in this area. I'm sure almost all dentists recommend "waterpiks," not automatic flossers to their patients.//Waterpiks cost about twice as much as the same products made by other companies. Comparable versions are just as good, but cheaper. Most of us, however, trust our dentists to know what to buy.

If a one-year warranty can't be fulfilled when a waterpik flosser last less than 2 months, I do not perceive this as a quality product.

I am copying this complaint.

and intend to send it both to Waterpik, along with a copy to the Consumer Reports website. Compared to excellent customer service I've received from Honda (over the life of 3 cars), and a recent problem on a kettle by Black & Decker, Waterpik is right: "they cannot do that." :(

Monetary Loss: $50.

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